How Are You Spending Your Time?


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Since nowadays we all seem to have a little more time on our hands. May I ask how everyone is spending their time? Over hereat SOB HQ we have been trying to go through our massive video collection and figure out whats next on tap. I know some people would say just put it all out. Thats a good thought in theory but in actuality its harder than you think.  Dealing with HD and even 4k files requires time and processing power. For the techies here are some of our specs. Machine #1 we have a i9 processor two SSD drives, six RED drives in a RAID,  a 6TB and 8TB WD external mirror drives; plus 32TB of RAM. On Machine #2 which is mainly for photo and web work we use, i7 16TB ram, 4 RED drives in a RAID, one SSD, two WD 4TB externals. Plus we just added a helluva expensive Mac Book Pro loaded out at around 5k and some change!! Oh yeah and we also have a top of the line i7 Surface Pro than can edit video with best of them.

Now the problem is what to freaking edit?

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