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We are putting together the line ups for our next videos. Which will be A SOB Uncut Blu Ray, ┬áSOB Behind the Scenes Volume and Booty Grind Volume. We are giving you a chance to chime in and choose who you want to see? To help you choose go to this LINK and pick out a few girls. While we do have 100’s of TB of HD,4k and SD video footage; we dont have it on everyone. So bare that in mind.

Put your picks in the comment section here. And we promise to respond. Hurry up!

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4 replies on “Who Do You Want to See Up Next On DVD/Blu-Ray?

  • Az

    No specific model really. Just a fan of the grind videos y’all produce. Just hope the next Booty Grind DVD download has brand new scenes. No offense but volume 1 was full of scenes yall posted on your sites over the years. And as far as the grind videos go, the wilder the better. Ms J set the bar sky high when it comes to that category lol. Although I understand how far those scenes go depends on the comfort level of the individual model.

    • admin

      Thanks. Yes Volume #1 was specifically a rehash just to get those out there. The next 2 volumes will feature new content mostly. We have a lot of grind video we have been sitting on trying to get our viewership up. Fans like you can help us by sharing our sites and products on social media.


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