You Havent Seen It All! Best Yet To Come??


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Well another year is almost in the books. This will be 16+ years for us in business ( This site was created later in 2003 on Feb 14th! Yes V-Day. While you’ll was looking for love we was in development! We just dropped SOB Uncut Vol. #5 which is without a doubt one of our hottest videos to date. I know a lot of you have raved about Erica Kane Adams. Well to be honest that is just PART 1 of that video. Part 2 will drop on Vol. #6 shortly in 2017. We wont make you wait long. That is a promise.

I think 2016 has been one our most prolific years in SOB product video creation. Im too lazy to look back right now and see what videos we dropped this year but i believe it was 5 or 6. We debuted the SOB Booty Grind series and added more volumes to the Uncut lineup. And even added too the  original SOB Behind The Scenes series. Which gets me wondering for some of you who have all or some of our videos. Which one do you think was the best one? Which series is the best?? Im too lazy to make a poll tonight so just answer with your comments below.


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    • admin

      Thanks Drew for your comment. Yes we love that video series also. They are fun making and producing. You are right we are the only site period making those types of videos. We have A LOT of more content already waiting to get edited. And we literally recruit girls for that almost everyday. Expect another volume to come out in that series VERY shortly in 2017.


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