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I am a type of person who is all about clarity and quality! I would much rather finish a video that is 4k (or even 8k) that is 5 gigs in file size to obtain the high quality possible. But I know with internet bandwidth restraints that is not possible. Beginning this month or next month (Sept), we will begin to include mobile friendly file versions of each of our products. For example IPhone, IPad and Android versions of each video we sell. When you buy you can choose which one to download. We know a lot of people now days ONLY surf the web with their mobile devices and never even touch a desktop or laptop anymore. Personally I am the opposite unless I am using a app. So you’ve asked and now you are receiving. 🙂

Also we are bringing HARD COPY Blu-Ray disc back for sell.  It probably wont be ALL our products but probably a number of our next series of releases will be available through SNAIL-MAIL on Blu-Ray disc.  Bare in mind there is a added cost to making these disc. There is the labor, plastic cases, label printing and shipping cost. But there is the added benefit of the highest quality right at your finger tips. So stay tuned for these releases probably in September sometime.



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