End Of The Summer Releases

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Well all good things must come to a end. The summer is almost over. But that doesn’t mean the party has to stop here at SOB. We just released two more volumes from the SOB Booty Grind Series. Volume #2 is another from the Mix-Mash collection and Volume #3 features mostly unseen footage. These two featured mostly (if not all) footage shot from our older video cameras that only did 720p and SD quality. I “believe” this was the last of this, but I could be wrong. Because of the success  of these SOB Booty Grind videos we will be releasing the next volume soon. Possibly in August/September which will be the first BLU-Ray download in the series.  Help us keep pushing these videos out by sharing our pages on social media. The more you share the more videos like these we can produce!

DONT FORGET! SOB Uncut Vol# 3 has dance grind footage on it as well! CLICK HERE

We also will be starting another series of videos which feature erotic oil massages done on some of your favorite SOB GirlsWe dont have a official date or name of these yet but they could start to be released as soon as August/September also. (Get on our email list or twitter feed to find out news first)

And last but not least we will be releasing the NEXT VIDEO in our s fan favorite SOB Behind The Scenes videos soon also.

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